Testimoni para sahabat tentang saidina Umar R.A apabila ditanya oleh saidina Abu Bakar R.A (ketika ingin melantik saidina Umar r.a menjadi khalifah) ::

1- Abdur Rahman ibn Auf
" By Allah, he is better than you think he is."

2- Uthman ibn Affan R.A
"By Allah, what I know is that what he conceals is better than what he shows outwardly, and there is no one else like him among us."

3- Usayd ibn Hudayr
"By Allah, I know that he is best after you. He is pleased with that which pleases Allah and is angry with that which angers Allah, and what he conceals is better than that which he shows outwardly. This matter (the caliphate) will never pass to anyone who is more able for it than him."

4- Talhah ibn Ubaidillah, who was concerned about Umar's harshness, said,
"What will you say to your Lord when He asks you about appointing Umar over us when you have seen how harsh he is?

Abu Bakar r.a said :
"Sit me up. Are you trying to make me fear Allah? ( Any ruler ) who does you wrong is doomed. I will say : 'O' Allah, I appointed over them the best of your people."

He explained to them the reason why Umar was so harsh and strict and said.
"That is because he thinks I am too soft and gentle ; when he is in charge will change a great deal.


Parts of the very 1st speech given by Umar when he became caliph

" O' Allah,
I am harsh, so make me softer,
I am weak, so make me strong,
I am stingy, so make me generous.



Agak-agak, kalau orang tanya kawan kita pasal kita,
Apa kawan kita jawab?

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