Rasa macam.......mehhhhh...

1- i haven't got my transcript yet. So i can't apply for job. And with the riots out there, i don't think it's gonna be easy getting it soon. ( nak nangis boleh tak?)

2-"it's ok..surely, ada hikmahnya.."
Alhamdulillah..i can digest that words quite well.. But when my friends keep asking about borang MMC, KKM, posting pictures before and after interview etc... I can't say i'm not disturb. but well, it's not their fault, i'm the one being sensitive out of nowhere.

I'm not married yet....and i can't apply for the job...it's like "what am i doing right now?" *banging head on the wall* -.-" macamla dua benda tu jer yang penting..oh anisah..please grow up.. :D

3- Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..
Sebelum ni selalu cakap tak nak kerja as a doctor IF i have kids etc..so i guess sekarang Allah bagi peluang rasa hidup bersama budak-budak. Bagi masa belajar something yang bukan medical. Belajar tentang hidup. Belajar tentang banyak benda lain. Tengok each of my siblings' family..their ups and downs...i really do learn a lot.

Dan Alhamdulillah, Allah beri masa untuk duduk dengan abang-abang dan kakak-kakak ipar secara personal. Borak- borak dan get to know each other well.. Haha..this is what happen when you have a looot of siblings. Dorang kat asrama, kat uni, awak kecik lagi.. Dorang dah habis, awk gi oversea pulak. Lepas tu, awak balik. Dorang dah kahwin bagai. Bila lah sempat nak kenal betul-betul semua orang.

4- once, i believe that i'm the only lone ranger in the family, but it turns out to be wrong. Rupanya ada yang camtu gak. Yerla, 8 orang kalau beza jarak-jarak takpe. Ni beza dekat-dekat. Rumah takde maid. Abah busy cari nafkah. Anak-anak lasak-lasak. Manalah sempat mak nak belai sorang-sorang. Jangan harapla nak bedtime story, hugs and kisses ke mende. Bab main dengan lasaknya di bawah pantauan abang-abang tuh banyakla... Adoi merepek-repek.

5- since UPSR, I struggled a lot to get my parents' attention and trust (that's explained the 5A, 9A and 12A1). Big competition with high benchmark. :P haha..

but now, i've learn more about what family should be. It's not a competition.. It's the last thing you want to have in a family. Your family should be your 1st support system. And if it's missing, you've to initiate it. My family, the " i love you " , "saya sayang akak" might be awkward. The perli-perli, geram-geram thing is a better way to say "we are ok". And deep down, we know we can rely on each other. :)

Everyone have their own struggle..so all the best with yours. ;) May Allah's blessing be with us all the time. Ameen

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